My Thermostat is stuck

My car is overheating and I think my thermostat is stuck, Can I just remove it and have better flow?thermostat


While you would think that makes sense the answer is NO.

Why? The thermostat does 2 things.

1) Cold Engine – Position Closed – Holds coolant flow until the engine warms up.

2) Warm/Hot Engine – Position Open – Allows restricted flow of coolant from the radiator.


Now here is why it is unwise to remove the thermostat. The radiator cools your coolant before it returns to the engine to take away excess heat.

The thermostat in the open position does not allow full free flow of your coolant, so if you remove the thermostat altogether, the coolant flows through the radiator too fast and never has a chance to cool down. So now you are trying to cool your engine with very hot coolant. If your thermostat is stuck, it needs to be replaced.